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First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you who trusted in me and gave me the responsibility of the president; and I commit that ...
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Introduction of NECA

Acknowledging the sensitivity and challenges in the Education Counseling in the Education Counseling Field and taking a viewpoint of protecting the rights and interests of all the educational professionals, NECA has been registered and authorized by the Government of Nepal on date 03/22/2064 with the registration number: 1391. It has been formed with a strong potential capacity to accommodate all aspiring educational consultancies without any disparities in the association and business.

Educational consultancies play a very sensitive role as they work as a bridge to study in a foreign land. In such a case, it is students' right to receive genuine counseling and true information on abroad education. As the number of Nepali students aspiring to study abroad is at an increasing trend, it is incumbent upon educational consultancies to be more responsible and meticulous in terms of dealing with abroad study aspirants. At the same time, sadly, it is hard to claim that all consultancies are equally capable of offering professional service to the students. Therefore, the professional educational consultancies have come together under one umbrella to form National Educational Consultancies' Association (NECA) so as to maintain quality and excellence in the field of abroad education counseling. NECA is an independent, not for profit, and dedicated association of all professional consultancies in Nepal to ensure genuine services to those willing study at foreign colleges/universities around the globe. Further, NECA is committed to protecting the rights and interests of all educational consultancies which have been established as professional educational consultancies in Nepal.

With a committed to providing true information regarding embassy rules, abroad life and college/'university environment, NECA has the mission to ensure not a single student is cheated or given wrong information about abroad education.

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